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Pink Aragonite Rough
Pink Aragonite Rough

Pink Aragonite Rough

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Pink Aragonite

Aragonite is a stone of discipline and peace. It is effective in pulling scattered spirits back to center, and is useful in relieving stress and anger. Energy workers often use this gem to prepare themselves for meditation, because of the sense of calm and focus it so powerfully brings.

Aragonite will grant you insight into the basis of problems, facilitate communication between you and the Higher Realms, and increase your levels of patience and reliability. If you have a lot on your plate and are looking to balance your responsibilities with confidence and ease, this is your gem.

In shades of pink, Aragonite also holds incredible power over the heart, and is useful in matters of love.

Pink Aragonite is quite rare, and this stone is a natural colour.

The price is for one piece that has been intuitively picked. The photos show what they look like and the rough size. All crystals are one of a kind.

4cm - 5cm