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The Complete Cleansing Kit
The Complete Cleansing Kit
The Complete Cleansing Kit
The Complete Cleansing Kit
The Complete Cleansing Kit
The Complete Cleansing Kit

The Complete Cleansing Kit

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New to cleansing or just need to stock up? This kit is for you! This bundle is perfect if you are new to cleansing or like to use both in your cleansing rituals.

The Complete Cleansing Kit comes with:

1 Unpolished Abalone Shell also known as Pāua Shell

1 Palo Santo Stick

1 White Sage Bundle


Sage emits negative ions and cleanses spaces and objects which gives a renewed energy.

White sage has been used for hundreds of year and has been considered a scared, purifying, cleansing and protective plant. White Sage is often burned in a ritual known as smudging. 

Palo Santo

Sweet Cleansing

Palo Santo is commonly used for its healing and cleansing properties. It releases negative energies and negative thoughts and feelings. Great for cleansing yourself and your space.

Palo Santo comes from a mystical tree which is part of the citrus family and comes from the scared trees of South America.

The relaxing and calming aroma of Palo Santo is even more present from the smoke of the smoldering wood. 

To use, light the end of one stick of Palo Santo or the top of the sage and blow out the flame so there is smoke drifting out and begin cleansing. The smoke provides an uplifting sent that calms the mind and raises your vibration. Make sure to have the Abalone shell close by to catch any hot ambers that might fall. Make sure to have windows and doors open so they negative energy can be removed. 

Abalone Shell

Representing the 'water' element of a 4-element ritual, the abalone shell is also used to catch the ash and embers from your smudge stick.

Rest your smudge stick on the shell before, during and after your cleansing ritual. Can be used for incense, palo santo and other smudge sticks. 

Harvested ethically and cleaned safely.

sage 11cm x 3cm

pall santo 10cm x 2cm